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CA Plex r7.2.1 Refresh Pack 1 - Deliverable #5 _favList

  • 1.  CA Plex r7.2.1 Refresh Pack 1 - Deliverable #5 _favList

    Posted May 10, 2019 02:58 AM



    We installed the RefreshPack and tried the new features.


    We only have problems with the "Add to Favorites".


    The first time, the list will be created, but the object is not added to the list. Further attempts were also unsuccessful.

    If we add the object with "Add to List" and choose the 'fav_list', it works.


    According to the notes, the option "Add to Favorites" should be available from "Object’s context menu" and "Object tool menu". But it is only available on the "Object’s context menu" started from the Object Browser. On "Object’s context menu" started from other locations (Model Editor, Variable Palette etc.), it is not available (but "Add to List..." is available everywhere).


    Does anyone has the same problems or does it work?