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Switch from WinC (C++) to.....?  JAVA or C# ?

  • 1.  Switch from WinC (C++) to.....?  JAVA or C# ?

    Posted Aug 24, 2017 11:10 AM

    Hello to all,


    our software is developed with CA Plex 6.1 in Variant WinC=C++ and WinNTC=C++/RPGIV. We use Microsoft SQL Server and IBM iSeries as database backend.


    We now have the problem that we have to implement UNICODE support in our software....and that is in the current variant not possible.


    We now have to switch to another variant to get the unicode support: either JAVA or C#


    Does anyone made the same/similar step in the past?

    Does anyone has any recommendation which variant is the better one?

    Are there any known limitations based on StandardPattern-Libs from CA (except the own c++ source code api's) in JAVA versus C++ ?


    i know there are additional licence costs for the .net client generator. java is for free.

    websydian doesnt support c#, but java.

    --> so my first thoughts were to switch to java.


    i look forward to any answers, thoughts, tips, tricks, discussions, etc.


    thank you in advance,

    best regards, tobias