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Input starting '2013-05-2300'  is not a valid number. Error on green screen.

  • 1.  Input starting '2013-05-2300'  is not a valid number. Error on green screen.

    Posted Apr 25, 2017 06:04 AM



    We are in the process of upgrading from Plex 6.1 to Plex 7.2.  We are using rpg for the backend on the as400 and Winc for the client UI.  


    We have 2 issues that I think is related both gives the same error in the joblog.( We did not have this error when we used Plex 6.1)


    1. On our screens we are using a SQLBlockfetch pattern that we found here : 


    When viewing the job log after the sqlblockfetch has run we get the following error or log on the green screen.


    Where  P68EAF is the sqlblockfetch. and the statement before the error is a log I put in to view the data that its trying to cast.


    In the sqlblockfetch the api gets the data and casts it to a textfield.  

    The  parameter &(1:) is a textfield. 

    Now at this stage no error gets printed, the next step the sql blockfetch casts the textfield with the value '2013-05-2300' into the field thats in the view (CheckedDateISO) field.


    This is where the job log gives that error as in the joblog image. And I have noticed that its normally a Date that does this.

    The field that its trying to cast it to is a CheckedDateISO


    I think it as something to do with the date format or the way it gets handled in plex 7.2 What changed? 


    This issue is also experienced in other rpg programs that casts character fields to numeric fields.


    I did search the forum and got the following fix. :


     SAP Portal Services 

    With seems like exactly the issue that we are experiencing. 'Fix to handle casting (numeric-char) correctly with different locale'.


    Now in some functions this fixed the problem but for example in the above sqlblockfetch it did not.


    I am not sure what is causing this and how to fix it could some one please assist. Is it the '-' in the date that its now having trouble to cast? should I remove it now?

    If it is the '-' why did we not get it in plex 6.1?


    Or what should I do?


    The only program that we got in the ptf or patch PTF721.024.001 was YOBCASTAEX. but in my example wont it use YOBCASTNEX?  I am casting with meta code '2013-05-2300' a text field to a date field.