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  • 1.  CA Plex Office Hours Transcript (March 18)

    Posted Mar 18, 2015 02:41 PM
    Simon Cockayne (CA)Hello folks! Welcome to the first ever CA Plex Office Hours.



    Lenn Thompson - CAGood morning, everyone. Let's get started. What questions do you have for the CA Plex team?



    Simon Cockayne (CA)Hey Gary.



    Simon Cockayne (CA)Hey Anne-Marie



    Simon Cockayne (CA)Hey Nelson



    Simon Cockayne (CA)Hey Nuno



    Anne-Marie@Everyone., Hey :-)



    Lenn Thompson - CADoes anyone have any questions for the CA Plex team?



    Simon Cockayne (CA)@Anne-Marie - Ah, hello!



    Gary Haut@everyone.  Good day everyone; I'm just monitoring today's Office Hours session.  Thanks for letting me join.



    Lenn Thompson - CA@Gary Thanks for joining us!



    NunoHello everyone.



    Simon Cockayne (CA)@Gary - No problem. Good to have you with us.



    Lenn Thompson - CA@Nelson @Nuno -- do you have any questions for the team?



    Simon Cockayne (CA)@All - Whos is going to the Plex2E conference? See



    NunoI wanted to check what was discussed in this chat. Not sure what the goal is, or what was gona be discussed, but wanted to find out.



    Gary Haut@Simon I'm registered and looking forward to the conference



    NunoI don't really have a question, well, I could have some, but they are problably in the ticket category



    Simon Cockayne (CA)@Nuno - Great question! @Lenn, can you share your vision.



    Lenn Thompson - CA@Nuno Our Office Hours program is really just another way for customers to come in and ask questions of our assembled group of product experts.



    NunoI should be going to the conference as well



    Simon Cockayne (CA)@Gary - great to hear you are attending. Are you coming for all four days (Training/sessions/hackathon)?



    Lenn Thompson - CASometimes the questions are how-to. Sometimes they are about integrations or new features. The only thing we ask that you not discuss are open support tickets.



    Simon Cockayne (CA)@Nuno - Ah, lovely to hear you should be going. We have a lot of cool stuff to collaborate around.



    Gary Haut@Simon - yes Mon-Thurs



    Simon Cockayne (CA)@Gary :-) Happy to hear that. Austin is a fun city, to boot.



    Simon Cockayne (CA)@All - I am interested to know if anyone is doing any work with APIs (RESTful?) or Microservices.



    Nelson Andrélooking forward to the conference



    Nunogona try a question here, let me know if is appropriate to this hour



    Simon Cockayne (CA)@Nelson - Ah, good to hear you are going! :-)



    Wayne Morgan@Simon - I Will be at the conference this year also



    Simon Cockayne (CA)@Nuno - Ok, all questions are welcome :-)



    Simon Cockayne (CA)@Wayne - Brilliant :-)



    Nunowe have some panels that are tabs, they have window type as Child Panel, to be comprised on a frame UISTYLE/FrameProperty type of function. this panels have grids. although it loads the configuration of the columns order and size  the ini file, it does not save



    Simon Cockayne (CA)@All - (especially customers) There is still time to submit a session idea for the conference. The agenda is not yet set in stone.



    Nunomy questions would be if there is a work around or how we could do it



    Nunowe have tried the following



    Nuno1 - create a function that inherits  the one that we cant save



    Nuno2 - set it as a dialog or other window type, make no changes to it



    Simon Cockayne (CA)@Nuno - Thanks for the question. The CA folks are chatting about your question.



    Nuno3 - insert an option to call this "child" function, which only purpose is to order the columns and on the event that calls this, after this functions is closed, get its grid settings  the ini and copy them to the calling one



    Nunousing the get and set property api



    Nunoapi = source code



    Simon Cockayne (CA)@Nuno - Have you rasied a support issue? how long have you been suffering  this?



    Wayne Morgan@Nuno - have you tried managing the INI File settings yourself in the application - using the SetINISystem values API's etc?



    Nunoi have in the way i described, copying  another function...



    Nunocan i call the setinisystem with some parameters that save the grid order and size?



    Nunowithout this workaround of copying  another window...



    Nunoi could "read" the order and size of the grid control, but i could not find how to do it as well...



    Nunoif i can force this window type to do the save that the others type do, I can do it, no problem in not being automatically Plex doing it



    Nuno*that = like



    Simon Cockayne (CA)@Nuno This sounds like it should indeed be saving. We're thinking it might be easiest for you to raise an issue and we can get cracking on trying to recreate it.



    Simon Cockayne (CA)@Nuno P.s. This sounds like an issue that's a little to complex to convey in text in the chat.



    Nunook. will do so



    Simon Cockayne (CA)@Nuno - But....thank you for asking here :-)



    Nunono problem, gona try another one



    Simon Cockayne (CA)@Nuno - We're ready ;-)



    Nunoany sugestion on how to stop a load grid? imagine that it reads by default 1000 records



    Nunoany way we can send a user input



    Nunothat when a given key combination is pressed, it stops the load



    Wayne Morgan@Nuno - you can use the Clocktick Event to control the loading of the Grid and each page load - check if a request to stop the grid has been made by the keystroke



    Wayne Morganin the keystroke Event - set the 'Stop Load' flag



    Wayne Morganand each clock tick - check that event and then @nuno disable the Clocktick event when the stop is requested by the user



    Simon Cockayne (CA)@Wayne - Nice suggestion. I love that the exploration and the answers and suggestions can come  the community and well as the CA. side.



    Nunothe load grid is done on a "refresh" event, executed when F5 is pressed, the clock tick event can occur whenever, even if another event is being executed?



    Nunoby the way, we use C++, not .Net... no problem it this?



    Jill Hitz@Nuno No, C++ would not be a problem.



    Nunochecking the help, seems it could work



    Nunothank you very much



    Wayne Morgan@All - I have a question on shipped paterns.....  I know they are maintained  release to relase but are there any plans/resources being made available to Enhance them with new types of 'Standard' MS Controls that are shipped - ie ribbon bars etc....  the 'Patterns' have been around a while and defenitely would be good to be refreshed with more up todate items ...



    Simon Cockayne (CA)@Wayne We don't currently have any plans to enhance patterns...



    Simon Cockayne (CA)@Wayne ...but, if that is something you would like to see, I urge you to suggest the idea on the Idea wall.



    Simon Cockayne (CA)@All - Does everyone know about the Idea wall?






    Wayne Morgan@simon - I Will  - I know we can add more active x's etc - just would be great to have more item 'out of the box'



    Simon Cockayne (CA)@Wayne - So, please do add an Idea.



    Simon Cockayne (CA)@Wayne - We use the Idea wall heavily in prioritizing our work.



    Simon Cockayne (CA)@Wayne - The more you can convey the value (Why this is cool/valuable/helpful) the better.



    Wayne Morgan@Simon - Will do  - thanks



    Simon Cockayne (CA)@Wayne - Tip: Feel free to advertise your idea. You could post on the community forum, face-to-face at the conference...etc.



    Simon Cockayne (CA)@Wayne - Not only are we looking for the raw votes...but the Idea wall gives a chance for others to collaborate around an idea. E.g. To suggest workarounds, to narrow or expand the idea...suggest implementation or UX aspects...anything realy.



    Simon Cockayne (CA)@All - Anyone using CA Plex r7.2 Incremental Release 1?



    Wayne Morgan@Simon - I assume the Conference is the place that you will give some ideas as to what priorities/ you are currently working on or is that priority list availble prior ?



    Wayne Morgan@All - r7.2  (Build 21.000)



    Wayne Morgan@all is there a newer Releae ?



    Jill Hitz@Wayne No, r7.2 Build 21.000 is the newest release.



    Wayne Morgan@All - i am working through  upgrading our app to that release



    Simon Cockayne (CA)@Wayne - We will indeed be talking about the road ahead, at the conference. Also, you can look to see the status of planned work on some of the Ideas on the idea wall.



    Simon Cockayne (CA)@Wayne - Why did you upgrade to r7.2? I'd love to know what the driver was.



    Wayne Morgan@Simon - I am prototyping some .NET ASP Website application using plex functions to perform Server/Appication logic.. as we will be using IIS for this  - the I am experimenting with WCF as well as direct plex Calls in ASP.NET pages - so the deployment to IIS was a factor  - also - to ensure i could try and convince our enterprise architects - that Plex can be part of the solution - rather than just hand writing it all in .NET ASP  -  there was not that many other updates (I was already at 7.1) so easier to get the latest updates now while prototyping/testing -  I have  therefore Also been updating our other applications (Win c++) at the same time



    Wayne Morgan@Simon - Also we are using VS2010 for .NET ASp - this was also now 'officially' supported



    Simon Cockayne (CA)@Wayne - Thanks for sharing that context. Indeed the ISS deployment is wonderfully streamlined at r7.2. Team was really happy with the work they did there.



    Simon Cockayne (CA)@Wayne - Do you have plans to migrate your C++ applications to .NET?



    Wayne Morgan@Simon - A challenge I have is convincing 'traditional' IIS/.ASP architects that plex is relevant and should be part of the solution - so any enhancements in this area are helpful -



    Simon Cockayne (CA)@Simon - Ok. What kind of enhancements do you want to see? Devtime? Runtime?



    Wayne Morgan@Simon - yes - we have already converted a couple of Smaller 'utility' Apps - primarily we have seen a big improvement in SQl Server Database performance (probably due to the .NET Database driver/methods -



    Simon Cockayne (CA)LOL - I just sent that question to myself. Whoops.



    Christoph Heinrich@Wayne - This would be a great story for a session presentation at the conference! It would be great if you could share your experience.



    Simon Cockayne (CA)@Wayne - Ah! Lovely! Nice to hear that moving to .NET improved performance.



    Simon Cockayne (CA)@Christoph Yes!



    Wayne Morgan@Simon - the perfect scenario is to have plex build the .ASp Pages them selves - similar to the WCF plug in for the code library - have plex generate 'ASP pages based on the panel objects - however this has been in the request list for many years !



    Simon Cockayne (CA)@Wayne Would you like to do a little session on that?



    Nelson André@Simon we never tried the .NET runtime. Is there a chance to have a trial version?



    Wayne Morgan@Simon - if I could go to the 'business' and give the case that i can build a complete Website  plex 9without having to Hire a .NET Expert to do the Website parts - that would be a huge win in convincing them to use Plex for the Website items  - as well as just the Thick client option



    Simon Cockayne (CA)@Christoph -What's the email for people to send submissions to?



    Nelson André



    Simon Cockayne (CA)@Wayne - Can you build the case with Plex + partner tooling? (E.g.  CM First or Websydian).



    Simon Cockayne (CA)@Nelson - thx. :-)



    Wayne Morgan@nelson - the .NET Server Generator was in the base product - and we noticed improvements even using WINc++ client to .NET Server



    Wayne Morganpropblem with 'partner tooling' is that it is now 'Another Vendor' that we are reliant on - and need another 'Expert' in that area of that partners tool - that normally involves more consulting - ..  we already Use BPM & IBM and the experience has been painful and$$$$



    Lenn Thompson - CA@Everyone I just noticed that the community URL is wrong on this slide. Please visit later!



    Simon Cockayne (CA)@Nelson If you raise an issue with support, we can try to send you a 30-day trial license key for the ".NET generator"...if you have r7.0 or higher.



    Lenn Thompson - CAOkay everyone. We need to wrap up this session for today. If you have any other questions, please do post them out in the community. Thanks for joining us!

  • 2.  Re: CA Plex Office Hours Transcript (March 18)

    Posted Mar 19, 2015 03:38 PM

    Great service, CA's!

    Hope I can participate next time! It is a great opportunity to talk on enhancements, issues and future strategy...

    I appreciate the question asked by Simon on microservices and REST, Wayne Morgan on shipped patterns...Hope next open discussion would count with even more participants (hope including me!)

    Thanks CA!