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CA Tuesday Tip: CA Remote Engineer Now Available for CA Plex

  • 1.  CA Tuesday Tip: CA Remote Engineer Now Available for CA Plex

    Posted Sep 02, 2014 05:23 PM

    CA Remote Engineer is a tool that automatically gathers diagnostic data and log files for more than 50 different CA Technologies products in order to speed resolution of your issues.   The CA Plex team is proud to announce that CA Plex has been added to the growing list of products that CA Remote Engineer currently supports. 


    Remote Engineer can be used for every Plex issue that you open, but would be especially useful for any issues where you have a local model or .NET logs that you would like to attach to the issue. 


    Remote Engineer can be downloaded from and then unzipped into a folder such as “C:\RemoteEngineer”. Once it is unzipped, you will see a command file called RemoteEngineer.cmd that can be sent to your Desktop as a shortcut to be ready to use for any future Plex issues.  There is also a short (5 minutes) video on the download page that explains how to use Remote Engineer.


    The first time you run Remote Engineer, you will need to select “CA Plex” from the list of Product Names.  Remote Engineer will then display a list of all releases of Plex that are found on your machine, and will ask you to type in the Release Number that you are having problems with.  After typing a release number, Remote Engineer will show you a list of the last 5 local models that you have opened in that release of Plex.  You may then type in the number associated with the local model that you want to send us.  If you do not have a local model to send us, you can simply press Enter, and Remote Engineer will continue without gathering a local model.


    After Remote Engineer has completed, all gathered information will be contained in a zip file.  This zip file can be automatically uploaded to your issue (if your issue is already open and you have created a file directory) or you can manually attach the zip file to your issue as you have done with previous issues.


    We hope this will simplify the gathering of information for your Plex issues!  Please reply to this post if you have any questions and we would also welcome any feedback that you have.


    Thank you,

    Jill Hitz

    CA Plex Support