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  • 1.  use of pvTree Infragistics´JSuite

    Posted Apr 01, 2011 07:35 AM
    Hi all
    I´m opening the java variant for a WinC function which uses ACTIVE/Tree control. I´m noticed that it would require to wrap the java bean as an ActiveX control, and have two questions:
    1. It´s strictly required to do it, or it´s optional in the case you want to play with the control in designing the panel? The Platform Guide isn´t clear here, in my opinion.
    2. It is mentioned there that you need to uninstall other java versions than 1.3, in order to register the beans; however, it seems to state that it is not required for java 1.5 and higher. What is your experience on it?

    By the way, I´m using Plex 6.0

    Any clarification, would be welcome
    Jorge Ubeda

  • 2.  RE: use of pvTree Infragistics´JSuite

    Posted Apr 05, 2011 03:52 PM
    Another issue to ask for:
    having the previous one question unsolved, I have compiled my function inherited from Active/ShowTree pattern, and received an unexpected error: a pv.awt.PVTree method not found (pv.awt.PVTree.getChildNode()). It happened into a native source code from pvTree. Have anyone seen it? I have declared pvAll.jar into user classes, and can´t belive it could happen (!)