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How to reuse session for virtual-service-invoke-api

  • 1.  How to reuse session for virtual-service-invoke-api

    Posted Apr 17, 2019 02:51 PM



    in my project we need to invoke DevTest virtual-service-invoke-api to retrieve service details to show in our UI. In order do that below are the step I am following

    1.Get VSE Id by calling "GET /vses"

    2.using previous step vseId will invoke  all services from VSE by calling  "GET /vses/{vseId}/services"

    3.using priouse steps vseid and serviceid  will invoke service details by calling "GET /vses/{vseId}/services/{serviceId}"


    my questions are

    1. How to avoid sending header "Authorization", because every time authentication taking time. is their anyway we can reuse session from first call?

    2.How to avaoid three calls to get Service details? 


     Referred Document:


    Aslo please provide example for query parameters (q)  in get cases api. 


    Please help me onthis issue, it is blocking our execution .