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  • 1.  Store step request of "Send email Step"

    Posted Jan 08, 2018 05:34 AM


    The "Send email step" does not create a response of its own as it sends the request (Your HTML Email body) to the SMTP server and the server forwards it to the respective machine(to-List and cc-List).



    I want to store the step request(the HTML email body) that is in the send email step (and gets forwarded to the SMTP server).



    The content that comes in the send email step is generated dynamically and thus I can not store it before sending.

    One thing that I can do is adding a store step response just before the send email step and add a filter "Store step response" on the send email step, but, I have a lot of test cases and a total of around 200+ email steps so adding an output log message step before every send email step is a bit hectic job.


    Please help.

  • 2.  Re: Store step request of "Send email Step"
    Best Answer

    Posted Jan 08, 2018 12:20 PM

    I wonder if you could use a Scripted Assertion on the Send Email step to access the content of step instance in TestExec and save the value of the Message into a property?


    The following is an untested hack, but I wonder if your Send Mail Step Scripted Assertion could:

    // Access and Print Subject and Message of an Email
    import java.util.Map;

    // Replace this with the exact name of the Send Mail Step in the Test
    String testStepName = "Send Email Step";

    // Locate the testStepName in the current Test instance
    // Access the properties that were set up on Send Mail Step
    Map m = testExec.TestCase.getNode( testStepName ).getProperties();

    // Get a property or properties from the Map. Other properties are

    // m.get("From")   m.get("To")   m.get("Cc")   m.get("Bcc")

    // use parseInState to replace {{ }} notations in the content
    String subject = testExec.parseInState( m.get("Subject") );
    String message = testExec.parseInState( m.get("Message") );


    // Store Step Message in a property
    testExec.setStateValue( "fl_emailMessage", message );
    testExec.setStateValue( "fl_emailSubject", subject );


    // Or, output a log message for the desired subject and message content"Subject is: {} and Message is: {}", subject, message );


    // Or, Add Java file io to save the message to the file system with a unique key

    // Set the If False then Fail the Test
    // Return True so false is never executed
    return true;


    The [String testStepName = "Send Email Step"] above is a reference to the name of the step in your test case.

    Note: Adding a Filter on this step to perform some action on fl_emailMessage will not work since Filters are executed prior to Assertions.