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HTTPS Rest Service Testing

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  • 1.  HTTPS Rest Service Testing

    Posted 05-29-2018 07:35 AM

    Hi, We have a HTTPS POST REST (with 2 headers) service to test. When tested with "Rest Step" in DevTest 10.2 its not working and giving the following error and when tested the same in "Postman" got a response. In "Postman" i have unselected "ssl certificate verification" and got a response when tested. If selected "ssl certificate verification" this option in Postman got the below similar error.


    Can some please help me on this because we had to manually hit this service from Postman and fetch some values from response and pass to the DevTest test case every time and this is consuming lots of time.



    Application is not available

    The application is currently not serving requests at this endpoint. It may not have been started or is still starting.

    Possible reasons you are seeing this page:

    • The host doesn't exist. Make sure the hostname was typed correctly and that a route matching this hostname exists.
    • The host exists, but doesn't have a matching path. Check if the URL path was typed correctly and that the route was created using the desired path.
    • Route and path matches, but all pods are down. Make sure that the resources exposed by this route (pods, services, deployment configs, etc) have at least one pod running.

  • 2.  Re: HTTPS Rest Service Testing

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted 05-29-2018 09:06 AM

    Can you ping the endpoint host from the Workstation machine fine?  When testing with Postman, is it on the same machine as the Workstation? 

  • 3.  Re: HTTPS Rest Service Testing

    Posted 05-29-2018 11:52 AM

    Thanks Shiney for the reply, postman app is in the same machine as the Workstation.

  • 4.  Re: HTTPS Rest Service Testing
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    Broadcom Employee
    Posted 05-29-2018 09:07 AM

    Add this property to your DevTest Workstation.vmoptions file:


    Stop your Workstation.


    Delete the workstation.log, it will be in the c:\users\<youruser>\lisatmp_x.x.x folder.


    Start your Workstation.


    Retest and post your workstation.log file here.

  • 5.  Re: HTTPS Rest Service Testing

    Posted 05-29-2018 11:51 AM

    Thanks Marcy for the reply, i will try tomorrow morning and will let you know the results.

  • 6.  Re: HTTPS Rest Service Testing

    Posted 06-04-2018 04:49 PM



    Did Marcy's recommendations help you out with your question?