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DevTest 8.3 Sandbox Data Driven Feature Issue

  • 1.  DevTest 8.3 Sandbox Data Driven Feature Issue

    Posted Aug 11, 2015 10:44 AM

    I am trying to test the Data Driven VS feature of Sandbox in Devtest 8.3 but somehow I am unable to make my service work properly.


    I have loaded one DataSet (excel sheet) that will map request arguments to data-set columns. (In my scenario, it is just 1 column mapping onto 1 request argument)

    On response side I am using "Response from template" option and within that template I am using {{}} to call few fields of my data set (excel sheet).


    But when I am deploying the the VS and testing it all the fields within response side template marked as {{firstName}} or {{lastName}} are getting displayed as it {{firstName}}, rather being replaced with real values defined within the data set (excel sheet).


    Within my data-set there are 2 sheets (Customer, Cards) and for the sake of above testing I am using just Customer's sheet and I have tried to call fields of Customer sheet in both ways e.g {{Customer_firstName}} and {{firstName}}


    My understanding is that the mapping on the response side should happens based on the selected request side data set column that has been mapped onto request arguments. Is that correct assumption???


    As of now :

    Request side mapping onto data-set columns are working perfectly

    Response side mapping are not working properly

    Anyone else facing similar behavior?