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Tuesdays Tips: Demystifying the LISA Runtime Info tab found in Help

  • 1.  Tuesdays Tips: Demystifying the LISA Runtime Info tab found in Help

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted Apr 29, 2015 10:17 AM

    When trying to understand why a certain workstation works and another does not, one of the first places to look is the Licensing.  Based on your license options, you are allowed to perform various functions.  For instance, if you can see the VSE Server console from your remote workstation and not from the LISA Load and Performance Server, it is the license that is enabling the LISA L&P Workstation that does not have VSE enabled in its license (this is by design).  There are ways to work around that and this will be discussed in a separate Tuesdays Tips.  But the question remains, "How do I  know for certain what is enabled and what is not without having to contact Support?"  The following is a table that extends the table found in the LISAWorkstation under Help and LISA Runtime Info.


    OptionsCurent SettingTypical Values/RangesDefinition
    DCMFALSETRUE/FALSEEnables the provisioning of development and test labs to all Virtual Lab Manager (VLM) providers.  FALSE allows provisioning to the internal default VLM.
    LEKTRUETRUE/FALSELISA Extension Kit (SDK)  Allows extensions to be written for LISA
    acts111 for now.
    cbtFALSETRUE/FALSEComputer Based Testing.  If FALSE, LISA's GUI is enabled. 
    company<<COMPANY>>variableYour Company's Domain Name.
    contact<<LICENSE>KEYHOLDER>>@<COMPANY>>.comvariablePerson(s) responsible for License Distribution within your Company
    coordinatorTRUETRUE/FALSEEnables the Coordinator Server Component
    cvsTRUETRUE/FALSEEnables the CVS (Continuous Validation Service) Server Component
    enterpriseDashboardFALSETRUE/FALSENew with DevTest Solution (LISA8).  This is the ONLY license option that is to be enabled.  For the DevTest Solution Enterprise Dashboard to become active, This must be set to TRUE.
    esbTestingTRUETRUE/FALSELegacy Licensing
    evalFALSETRUE/FALSEUsed for POC licenses and Evaluation Licenses for Clients
    ide40f6a51variableIssed when the license is checked out.
    issuedate4/22/2015 7:411/1/07 to PresentDate and time the license was issued.  If file based, this does nto change.  If License Server/LLS, it changes every hour as the license token is refreshed.
    j2eeTestingTRUETRUE/FALSELegacy Licensing
    maxPathfinderAgentCount00Never implemented
    maxPathfinderTransCount00Never implemented
    maxVirtualTransCount1000000/5000/10000/50000/100000/2000000/1000000000/-1VSE Max Transaction count for the day.  Counted from Midnight to the next Midnight and reset to Zero at the start of the new day.
    maxresources51/10/50/100/Multiples of 250Maximum number of Concurrent Simulated Virtual Users for use in minor to Full Load and Performance Testing.  Typically a LISAWorkstation will have 1 or 10 as well as some server components such as a Simulator, Coordinator, and VSE Server.  The only LISA Component that has more than 10 is the Registry.  The Registry determines how many Concurrent VU's.  Typically, 100 VU's are assigned to the LISA Server Registry as a Try and Buy
    maxvirtualservices1000/5/10/20/100/-1Maximum Concurrent Active Services in the VSE Server.
    pathFinderTRUETRUE/FALSEBase option for Pathfinder.  All Pathfinder Options MUST be enabled on the Registry the LISAWorkstain connects to as well as being enabled on the LISAWorkstation.
    pathFinderDevConsoleTRUETRUE/FALSEAllows for the opening of the DevConsole.
    pathFinderProTRUETRUE/FALSEAllows for the enablement of the pathfinder Options.
    pfCreateBaselineAssetsTRUETRUE/FALSEPathfinder option allowing the creation of Basline Assets
    pfCreateDataAssetsTRUETRUE/FALSEPathfinder option allowing creation of Data Assets.
    pfCreateVSEAssetsTRUETRUE/FALSEPathfinder option allowing creation of VSE Assets.
    pfManageCasesTRUETRUE/FALSEPathfinder option allowing the Managing of cases.
    productLISALISAAlways is LISA
    registryTRUETRUE/FALSEEnables the Registry Server Component
    simulatorTRUETRUE/FALSEEnables the Simulator Server Component
    swingTestingTRUETRUE/FALSELegacy Licensing
    typeServerServer/WorkstationType of license.  Controls how the License Server distributes License Tokens
    validuntil4/22/2015 8:46today through 12/31/2099Varies between type of license.  File Based License have this date set to the day they expire.  License Server and LLS set this to the Checkout/Renewal time plus 60 minutes.  After the 60 minutes, a request is sent to the License Server/LLS for another 60 minutes.  If the License Server/LLS cannot be reached, it enters a 3 day grace period so you do not get kicked out of there is an problem reaching the lciense Server/LLS.
    versions6,74/5/6/7/8/4.5/5,6,7/6.0,7.0,7.1,7.5/etc./8Indicates which versions of LISA you are licensed for.
    virtualServiceTRUETRUE/FALSEEnables the VSE (Visrtual Service Environment) Server Component
    vseLoadTRUETRUE/FALSEEnables Performance VSE capabilities.
    webTestingTRUETRUE/FALSELegacy Licensing
    wsTestingTRUETRUE/FALSELegacy Licensing