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Selenium Support is capped at Firefox Version 35 For LISA 7.x and DevTest 8.0.1 and Below.

  • 1.  Selenium Support is capped at Firefox Version 35 For LISA 7.x and DevTest 8.0.1 and Below.

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted Mar 20, 2015 10:24 AM

    Selenium support in LISA 7.5.2 and below as well as DevTest Solution 8.0.0 and 8.0.1 is capped at Version 35 of Firefox.  This is due to a conflict with Selenium and Firefox, not the implementation of Selenium within LISA.  In DevTest 8.0.2, Selenium Support and upgrading will be supported since we have entirely redesigned how external incompatibilities will be handled.  This implementation cannot be back rev’ed due to the complexities involved.


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    To start with, you will need to install version 35 of Firefox.  Please find the information below on where to find the software and their installation instructions.

    1.                You can view all old versions here ( and look for Version 35.0.1 at (

    2.                Drill into this to find your OS.  For example, for Windows, select win32, then en-US/ and this will get you to the install exe’s (

    3.                Please look here for more details on back versioning -

    4.                It refers you to this URL and it discusses Installing Firefox.

    5.                Please disable the automatic upgrading of Firefox.

    Once you are back on Firefox 35, you will need to reinstall the Selenium Builder.  Please refer to our documentation that covers this.  The link is Create and Export a Selenium Builder Recording .  This will get you back to where you can create JSON test cases.  For your convenience, here is the link on how to get those JSON recordings back into LISA - Import the Selenium Builder JSON into LISA .