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How to monitor lisa recorders?

  • 1.  How to monitor lisa recorders?

    Posted Mar 11, 2015 08:18 AM

    Hi All,


    In our organization, LISA is consistently placed in SIT environments to record transactions on daily basis, as there are 14 -15 recorders so we setup all via cmdline(i-e.ServiceImageManager). Now the issue we are facing each day is whenever a SUT restarts within a SIT environment where LISA recorders are running, some recorders get crashed due to connection time-out and this cause outages + investigation down time to see which recorder got crashed within SIT environment.  Setting up 15 recorders via Workstation is not only tedious task but also time consuming.


    I know the quick way to check whether a recorder is up and running is via telnet but unfortunately (rather surprisingly) telnet is not installed on most of the servers here and not approved.


    So my question for the community, is there a way we can monitor running recorders through some API call which can give us a status of each recorder.


    Any help or information would be much appreciated.