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How do I join the beta program? (and other related FAQ's)

  • 1.  How do I join the beta program? (and other related FAQ's)

    Posted Jan 31, 2014 05:05 PM

    (NOTE: reply to this thread if you have any further questions to ask about this program)

    What happened to the CA LISA Beta program?

    The CA LISA Customer Validation program is an ongoing program granting CA LISA Customers, Partners and CA Employees access to pre-release product information, live demonstrations by our Product Management and Engineering teams and pre-release product downloads.  We have replaced our traditional "Beta" with this new program which is now focused on keeping a continuous dialog open for regular feedback about our product enhancements throughout the agile development cycle.

    How do I join the CA LISA Customer Validation program?

    1. Join this community - The CA LISA Application Delivery Community - by clicking the "Follow" button at the top right of the screen.
    2. Register for the CA LISA Customer Validation Program - If you are a CA LISA customer or partner with a valid license, you can join our Customer Validation program and gain access to pre-release product and features, view new technology before it comes out to the public and interact directly with our engineering and product management teams.


    What do I do to get my whole team access to the CA LISA Customer Validation Program?

    Please have each team member follow the steps above.  The information shared on our customer validation calls and in the product is restricted under our pre-release NDA which must be signed by each individual participating.  If you are a CA Employee, you do not need to sign the agreement - instead, request access to this group DevTest Customer Validation Group (Private)

    Can I forward the invitation to the CA LISA live Demo to my colleagues, customers or others?

    Please do not forward the invitations to the Customer Validation Program live demonstrations.  Every participant must follow the steps above to JOIN the program and all customers and partners must virtually SIGN the pre-release NDA before participating.  Instead, please send your colleagues or customers the information above to sign up... or copy and paste the text below:

    1. Follow the CA LISA Application Delivery User Community
    2. Register for the CA LISA pre-release Customer Validation Program using the same login ID as above and sign the online agreement.  This will give you access to all pre-release CA LISA offerings going forward.