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  • 1.  Transformation consistent masking with FDM HASHLOV

    Posted Sep 07, 2018 11:21 AM



    I has a SUBSET with a Transformatio Maps and I enable the option "Use Java algorithm for HASHLOV" to gives consistent masking with FDM.



    I use the same list of values in both, FDM and Transformation Maps, I even used the same database. It works Ok, but if the Original value of the column has a lenght of 8 or if it has a space, the consistent don't works and It gives to me a diferent value. 


    (I tried fill the optión Hash Column to with the column to mask)




    FUNCTION F_174537_3 (oldvalue in VARCHAR2)
    RETURN gtsrc_scramble2('TABLE.COLUMN',NULL,50,'Y',PUMPW_174537_3.nextval,'N',null,'N',null,oldvalue,'HASHLOV','nombres_colombia_F','java');


    To consider:

    In this case I mask names and it takes a new name of a list of names.

    I save the same list in the scramble database and I did a connection to the same database through FDM

    The inconsistent presents only if the leght is 8 or if the value has a space (The tests I did showed this behavior, especially with the length of 8)

    In the Options of FDM I keep empy the option MD5HASHLOV and I try change to "Y", is the same behavior.

    I tried with a personal list and with a default list like "NAME - MALE SCOTTISH FIRST" but is the same behavior.

    This happend in any column, is a normal varchar(50) without special configuration.


    Versión FDM



    Versión SCRAMBLE

    VERSION 4.5.2 BUILD DATE 08 JUNE 2018


    What I can do to solve this?



  • 2.  Re: Transformation consistent masking with FDM HASHLOV

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted Sep 07, 2018 04:07 PM

    Hi John,


    From the documentation,


    JAVA — The hashing algorithm is the same as that used by FDM. This algorithm ensures consistency between FDM and zOS masking.
    ASM — An assembler hashing algorithm is used. The ASM algorithm is quicker than the JAVA algorithm.


    The purpose of this check box is to provide consistent masking on the same value in zOS  "math" that is used to determine the value of the index number to the seed list MATCHES the same value that is derived from the same data in windows FDM.


    A space would change the resulting index number into the seed list. 


    If you have a Main Frame example where you are using the exact same value in both the Main Frame and Windows, please open a Support Ticket so this can be reviewed and resolved.



  • 3.  Re: Transformation consistent masking with FDM HASHLOV
    Best Answer

    Posted Sep 07, 2018 05:05 PM

    Hello Les,


    Thanks, I will open a case because I'am using the same the exact same value in both.


    Thank you.