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  • 1.  Fast Data Masker - Creating custom functions

    Posted Apr 03, 2018 03:57 PM
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    Good afternoon,


    Would you please assist me with creating custom functions in fast data masker? We have built a custom function that implements IMaskFunction interface, following the instructions in Create Custom Masking Functions - CA Test Data Manager - 4.3 - CA Technologies Documentation .  


    I see mention of an IMaskFunction interface in the instructions. But when we try to reference that name, we are receiving a compile error ("IMaskFunction cannot be resolved to a type").  


    The version we are using for FastDataMasker is: 4.6.400.15

    Please see attached.


    Thank you,

    Divya Nori

  • 2.  Re: Fast Data Masker - Creating custom functions

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted Apr 03, 2018 04:29 PM

    Hi Divya,


    If you are on TDM 4.3, can you please upgrade to TDM 4.4? I just tried it on TDM 4.4 and the class resolves correctly. 

  • 3.  Re: Fast Data Masker - Creating custom functions
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    Posted Apr 03, 2018 04:46 PM



    This functionality is supported in TDM 4.3 which ships with FDM 4.7. I see the IMaskFunction interface in the jar file. TDM 4.2 ships with FDM which does not come with this interface.


    Please upgrade your FDM to at least the version shipped with TDM 4.3 (though TDM 4.5 is currently the latest GA version) and use the jar file from that version.


    See the following document for details on downloading products from our support site:

    How to download your product from CA support portal 


    Hope this helps,