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  • 1.  CCC Harvest 4.0.0 Backup / data export

    Posted Feb 08, 2019 06:01 PM

    I am trying to find a utility or script that can help me extract the CCC data from our old Harvest install.  From the look at the version number this application has not been updated in a long time.   If anyone has any old tips or code samples I would greatly appreciate it.   The application is running in a VM but I would like to just pull all the data I can out of this and integrate it with a read only SVN or some other free tool.  

    Any assistance is appreciated.


  • 2.  Re: CCC Harvest 4.0.0 Backup / data export
    Best Answer

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted Feb 11, 2019 10:58 AM

    If you still have a working Harvest broker and Workbench installation, the best thing would be to do a check out of the latest versions of your project files.  The content of your files is stored as "blob" data inside your database, so there is not any easy way to extract it other than a Harvest Check Out process. 


    In your Harvest software Administrator Guide, there is an appendix that lists all the tables and columns in the Harvest database, and an overview of the table relationships.

  • 3.  Re: CCC Harvest 4.0.0 Backup / data export

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted Feb 12, 2019 12:10 PM

    Hi Jhogan7,


    Thanks for reaching out to us in the communities.

    While your question was responded to by our support expert in the above mail.


    We would want to let you know that Harvest is now evolved in many aspects from the version you are in now!

    As an example ,Harvest workbench is now Eclipse based .There are many new features introduced in Harvest spanning multiple releases.Work areas ,Support for large files[>2 GB], Admin bulk update, package approval from a mobile interface, Reports[BIRT] reports ,Cross project merge visualization interface to name few of them and even harvest is now enabled on Cloud[Supports AWS and Azure].

    • To get a preview of new features, we request you to review the whole set of new features from the latest release CA Harvest SCM V 13.0.3 from here
    • Release-wise feature comparison can be viewed from here  for the past three releases.

    While we do understand that there could have been changing needs of your developers and at organization level ,we request you to review the above content once.

    If you have any comments to include and wish to send a mail to us ,please do reach out to us at






    Balakrishna[Harvest Engineering Contact]

    Dasari Vijaya Kumar[Harvest Product Owner]