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ALERT: V13 Upgrade for Existing Harvest Users

  • 1.  ALERT: V13 Upgrade for Existing Harvest Users

    Posted Sep 14, 2016 08:20 AM

    This alert applies only to existing Harvest users upgrading from earlier Harvest releases,

    this does not apply to new Harvest users.


    A problem has recently been discovered with the Harvest Change Manager V13 UPGRADE

    whereby the upgrade database script will automatically delete the form types with

    formtypeobjid = 18 and 19.


    With CA Harvest SCM version 13, the ability to integrate with Unicenter Service Desk (USD)

    is no longer supported, therefore the upgrade process involves removing data and processes

    related to this functionality which includes deleting these two default form types that were

    automatically installed with your CA Harvest SCM database named "USD Package Information"

    and "USD Platform Information". The problem lies in if your CA Harvest SCM Administrator

    had previously deleted these two form types, and later had created a new custom form

    (or forms) for Harvest, there is a special use case where the new custom form(s), and all data

    related to them are deleted from the Harvest database during the upgrade process.


    It is expected that this problem will only affect a small number of customers, if encountered

    it can result in a significant loss of data, so all customers should be aware.


    To test your Harvest system to determine if you are vulnerable to this problem, please click

    on this link for more information:  V13 CSO Upgrade Test