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TECH TIP: Caveats with Harvest and Oracle 12c

  • 1.  TECH TIP: Caveats with Harvest and Oracle 12c

    Posted Aug 28, 2015 01:57 PM

    Oracle 12c R1 is the most current release certified with R12.6.

    You can view the compatibility matrix after you log into support.ca.com here:

    Harvest Software Change Manager r12.6 Compatibility Matrix - CA Technologies


    Attached are some documents relating to problems that Level 1 support has found in testing

    Harvest with Oracle 12c.


    These are not official documents by any means but they are documented problems which

    may help the customer going forward with Oracle 12c.


    L1 has found a show stopper problem with Oracle 12c ( that check in/out fails

    with a datetime format error from Oracle. Customers that have installed and have run

    into this problem have downgraded to Oracle and have not had any further problems.


    05 APR 2016 - ADDENDUM:  Other customers have reported that leaving the Oracle 12c server at

    but downgrading the Oracle Client driver to circumvents the problems of the show stopper

    problem as described above.


    20 JUL 2017 - ADDENDUM: Level 1 support tested the Oracle 12c server and client with Harvest V13

    and found that the show stopper error of invalid datetime format error still exists with this Oracle version. The solution

    is to install the Oracle client driver (32bit or 64bit) to connect to the Oracle server.