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TECH TIP: Unable to log into the Linux Agent for the first time, error -164

  • 1.  TECH TIP: Unable to log into the Linux Agent for the first time, error -164

    Posted Feb 02, 2016 09:22 AM

    Things to check if you are unable to log into the agent for the first time.

    Typical example error message from the agent log file:

    -143606928 | 16:08:31 | LVL1:CPtHAgntC::LogIn failed. szSenderURL is </pt_HClient://IRL100210/6776>

    -143606928 | 16:08:31 |LVL1:cbLogIn | Usr<e005853> InitDir<> |-164


    Researching previous cases that have the “-164” error code they all had to do with authentication such as

    wrong password, encryption problems, or wrong permissions for the folder you were wanting to use as the

    home folder.  Here are some things to check on:


    1. Is the Workbench and Agent at the same version level? If the SCM Workbench

              you’re using to try connect is anything less than the agent, that could be a problem.

    1. Does the password to
      the account you’re trying to connect with contain any “special characters”
      (!,@,#,etc…)?  (most likely not a problem, but we have run into one or two
      odd situations where this has come up)
    2. In the error message above
      we found in the agent log file, it looks like a home directory was not
      specified (InitDir<>).  Can you check on the Linux box and locate a
      folder path that you can confirm is “readable” and “writable” for the user you
      want to connect with, and then on the agent connection window specify that as
      the home directory.
    3. It might help to
      type your password into Notepad so that you can see what you’re typing and then
      copy and paste that into the password field on the Agent Connection
      window.  Be sure the password is the same as what you would use to login
      to the agent computer using putty.
    4. If possible could
      you use the “useradd” command on the linux machine to create a totally new
      user, for example “testuser1”, and then the passwd command to set the password
      for this new test user.  Identify the home folder for the new user and
      then try the agent connection again with the new userid, password and home
      folder?  (If this is something you can try, then once you have all this
      sorted out the new userid can be deleted.)