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    Posted Nov 23, 2017 03:51 AM
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    Hi all!


    I need some clarification regarding the jenkins plugin.


    Here's what I would like to achieve. I want to create and use a deployment for all my deployments. The plan should have a manifest and/or template properties which are being updated within each run.
    From my point of view it does not work as expected or maybe I just haven't found the right options to select. The next lines describes my configuration. Additionally I've attached a Word document containing the aproppriate
    Screenshots for better understanding.  


    Again, here's what I would like to achieve


    a) Creating a template and using the same template for future deployments
    b) updating the manifest and/or the template parameters with each run


    This is what I've found in the Post-Build-Actions tab:


    a) three options:
      - Create new deployment plan everytime  (not our favourite option because we want to reuse the plan)
      - Create new deployment plan once and use it everytime
      - Use an existing deployment plan


    b) selecting the first option and setting variables in style of ${RPM} for the values works fine (as long a I choose to create a new deployment plan everytime)
    c) selecting the second or third option (reusage of the deployment plan) works fine during the first run but not for future runs.


    This is what happens:


    a) The first deployment is always fine. Manifest and teplate variables are beeing set accordingly
    b) For the next deployment CA Release Automation uses the same values (manifest, template params) as set within the first run
        - but the jenkins console output shows me the the updated manifest content and updated template params
    What's going wrong? It it my configuration? Is it a bug?


    Best regards




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