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  • 1.  Parameters between shared components

    Posted Feb 17, 2017 06:52 PM

    Here is my scenario

    I have 2 Shared Components and 1 application

    Shared Component 1 (SC1) is mapped to Server Type A

    Shared Component 2 (SC2) is mapped to Server Type B


    I have 2 processes (each one for diferent steps, initialization and deployment)

    PreDeploy ==> SC1

    Deploy       ==> SC2


    Now, in both components I have a Parameter (SVN-TAG) which should be entered by the user.

    My problem is User entered 2 times the same value, this was because in my first version I set the parameter as User Input (in both Shared Components)


    I tried several options, my last was: set the parameters as environment (SVN-TAG_predeploy_e and SVN-TAG_deploy_eand then create a new Local Process (LP) and maped it to Server Type A and B


    Then in LP create the 2 parameters   SVN-TAG_u  (scope: user input) and SVN-TAG_r (scope: Release) and then

    SVN-TAG_r = SVN-TAG_u

    after that SVN-TAG_predeploy_e = SVN-TAG_r Then the SC1 is executed sucesfully

    so I set SVN-TAG_deploy_e = SVN-TAG_r 

    When SC2 is executed either SVN-TAG_deploy_e nor SVN-TAG_r have the expected value.


    any Idea how can I share parameters between shared processes those are executed in diferent Server Type and diferent steps?


    Thanks & Regards

    Daniel E. Vergara

  • 2.  Re: Parameters between shared components
    Best Answer

    Posted Feb 19, 2017 01:57 AM

    Did you try using get/update deployment property value actions?

    In your pre deploy you will use the parameter in your flow and use update deployment property action for store the value in deployment property as well 

    In your deployment step use the get deployment property value and store it in the parameter.

    Hope this help


  • 3.  Re: Parameters between shared components

    Posted Feb 21, 2017 02:00 PM

    Hey Jacky_Mahadab

    Thanks a lot! your recomendation works perfectly.

    you rock !


    Thanks and Regards!

    Daniel E. Vergara