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  • 1.  Jenkins & RA Plugin - Noticing Timeout Errors

    Posted Dec 23, 2016 03:36 AM

    Hello Community!

    Jenkins plugin with RA was pretty much working fine and was real quick in triggering the designed release template.

    Right now, it started taking huge time to trigger the designed release template via plugin.

    Not sure, if it's an issue with Jenkins Slave or with RA plugin! Can some one help me on the same?


    More debug info below:


    -rw-rw-r-- 1 jenkins jenkins 56603086 Dec 23 02:18 activationPoeticDataService-2016-12-23-02.16.10.war

    Build result: SUCCESS
    User: superuser
    Application: TeS Microservices
    Deplement Template Category Name: TeS Release Deployments
    Deployment Template: ActivationPoeticDataService - Full Deployment Template
    Project Name: Agile Sprint - ActivationPoeticDataService
    Deplyment Plan Usage Method: Create new deployment plan everytime
    Deployment Plan Name: TeS Microservices Deploy Plan - ${build_id}
    Deployment Plan Description:
    Deployment Name: ActivationPoeticDataService Deploy - ${build_id}
    Deployment Description:
    Build Name: ${build_id}
    Deployment Environments: Sandbox-ActivationPoeticDataService
    Deployment Stage To Execute: Full
    Add Package to Deployment Plan: false
    Run Async: true
    Use SSL: false
    Fail if Deployment fails: false
    Run Deployment Plan only if build succeeded: true

    Result of parameterValue: superuser - User Name: superuser; Result of parameterValue: TeS Microservices - Application value: TeS Microservices; Result of parameterValue: TeS Release Deployments - Template Category value: TeS Release Deployments; Result of parameterValue: ActivationPoeticDataService - Full Deployment Template - Template value: ActivationPoeticDataService - Full Deployment Template; Result of parameterValue: Agile Sprint - ActivationPoeticDataService - Deployment Project Name: Agile Sprint - ActivationPoeticDataService; Result of parameterValue: TeS Microservices Deploy Plan - 5 - Deployment Plan Name: TeS Microservices Deploy Plan - 5; Result of parameterValue: - Deployment Plan Description: ; Result of parameterValue: ActivationPoeticDataService Deploy - 5 - Deployment Name: ActivationPoeticDataService Deploy - 5; Result of parameterValue: - Deployment Description: ; Result of parameterValue: 5 - Build Name: 5; Result of parameterValue: ********* - Result of parameterValue: Sandbox-ActivationPoeticDataService - Environment Name: Sandbox-ActivationPoeticDataService; Result of parameterValue: Full - Deployment stage to execute: Full; Result of parameterValue: - Package Name: ; Result of parameterValue: - Package Description: ; Result of parameterValue: 1200 - Timeout Description: 1200; Result of parameterValue: - Artifact Type: ; Result of parameterValue: - Artifact Definition: ; Result of parameterValue: Version-5 - Artifact Version: Version-5; Result of parameterValue: - Artifact Version Description: ; Result of parameterValue: - Agent Name: ; Result of parameterValue: - HTTP Url: ; Result of parameterValue: - HTTP Username: ; Result of parameterValue: - HTTP File Alias: ; Result of parameterValue: - Step Name: ; Result of parameterValue: - Process Name: ; Result of parameterValue: - Parameter Name: ; Result of parameterValue: - String Value: ; Result of parameterValue: - Property Name: ; Result of parameterValue: - Property Value: ;
    ***************************** Running Deployment Plan: TeS Microservices Deploy Plan - 5 *****************************


    Manifest XML is
    Running Deployment plan with parameters superuser ****** TeS Microservices artifactPackageAsXML 5 ActivationPoeticDataService Deploy - 5 TeS Microservices Deploy Plan - 5 ActivationPoeticDataService - Full Deployment Template [Sandbox-ActivationPoeticDataService] Agile Sprint - ActivationPoeticDataService TeS Release Deployments false 1200
    Error occurred while generating the request for run-deployment-plan
    Read timed out Read timed out
    [copy-to-slave] Copying 'activationPoeticDataService-*.war', excluding nothing, from 'file:/apps/tes/jenkinsworkspace/workspace/CARA_ELMSUIServices_ActivationPoeticDataService/' on 'hudson.slaves.DumbSlave[emslci05]' to 'file:/apps/tes/jenkinsworkspace/CARA_ELMSUIServices_ActivationPoeticDataService/' on the master.
    Finished: SUCCESS




    Raghavendra Guttur

    +91 9901900122

  • 2.  Re: Jenkins & RA Plugin - Noticing Timeout Errors
    Best Answer

    Posted Dec 25, 2016 11:20 PM

    Hi Raghvendra,

    Many a times it happens that if we are using some parameters in actions/flows and due to some reason any of these parameters is not getting its value set then the timeout occurs. Check whether any such action/flow is waiting for some parameter value.

    Also, If you could check whether the deployment plan works fine when triggered manually? It will make sure that deployments are running fine and then you could focus only on plug-in part.


    Best regards,

    Amit Joshi

  • 3.  Re: Jenkins & RA Plugin - Noticing Timeout Errors

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted Dec 30, 2016 01:49 AM

    Hi Raghvendra,


    If the problem persist after checking amit suggestion i would advice to raise a support case so we can look into

    this in more depth and review the log files.




  • 4.  Re: Jenkins & RA Plugin - Noticing Timeout Errors

    Posted Jan 04, 2017 07:20 AM

    Thanks for your insights into this problem.

    Within the plugin, I made a mistake by providing wrong artifact name and release was not getting initialized.

    Artifact packing process was failing at pre-deployment (init) phase and was throwing timeout errors.

    Currently, it's been fixed and running without any issues.