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  • 1.  SAP Business Objects Deployments

    Posted Feb 01, 2016 03:26 PM

    The key action in a deployment for an SAP Business Objects migration is the execute LCM_CLI batch file.  CARA has created a .properties file that describes the objects to be deployed including the source and target locations. 


    Does anyone know where these .properties files are archived?


    Thanks as always.

  • 2.  Re: SAP Business Objects Deployments

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted Feb 01, 2016 05:09 PM

    Per our other ongoing conversation, I have opened a case for this so I can get a precise answer to this for you.  I'll keep you posted -- great question.

  • 3.  Re: SAP Business Objects Deployments
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    Broadcom Employee
    Posted Feb 11, 2016 02:53 PM

    Hi Todd,


    Per your request, I have closed the case, but I wanted to provide the answer here as well, in case anyone else is interested, or if for any reason you'd like to discuss it further.


    Release Automation does not automatically archive any files such as the .properties file or other configuration files because RA only automatically stores artifacts.  If there's a desire to archive these files, it can be done via artifact management -- in other words, designate the .properties file as an artifact and setup RA to manipulate it accordingly.


    If you could mark this thread as Answered if you're satisfied with the explanation, I'd appreciate it, but I also want to invite any other questions, concerns, or comments if you have any you'd like to share first.  Thank you!