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Nolio Development & Change Process

  • 1.  Nolio Development & Change Process

    Posted Jan 29, 2015 10:20 PM

    While working with Nolio we build our process on one sandpit environment and once POC approved we moved on production environment.


    Now we have 20 UAT environment and 1 live environment which work as expected, We can do deployment on UAT or PROD, problem start when we require change in existing process.


    As nolio does not support where we can update on sandpit environment and pull new published template & process to production environment. So we have to build, test, uat & live eventually everything in production environment.


    which eventually means our dashboard and reports will include these process which we built for testing. Ideally Nolio should provide a mechanism where new process can build and test in other environment and once ready can pull into production environment. Allowing to do in incremental manner and setting up changed information.


    It will avoid unnecessary information while we are generating reports and auditing for releases.