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  • 1.  Integration with Nimsoft 6.6

    Posted Dec 17, 2014 05:29 AM

    Hi -

    We are currently working on a project in Aozora Bank in Japan where we want to integrate Release Automation to Nimsoft 6.6 to set specific servers in maintenance mode during application deployment. We need help in two areas:


    • What is the process to “web service/REST enable” Nimsoft 6.6 so that we can integrate with it for the mentioned use case. Since we are not the SMEs for Nimsoft we will be forwarding this to the customer resources to have him/her set that up.
    • Would you know if the above use case can be supported by version 6.6 via  web services/RESTful APIs?


    I know this is more catering to Nimsoft SMEs but based on your experience wanted to see if any one has similar experience. You can point us to the right person if appropriate. Thanks!


    Services Program Manager


  • 2.  Re: Integration with Nimsoft 6.6

    Posted Dec 17, 2014 11:48 AM

    Hi Ashwin,


    I think you are more likely to get a response by posting this to the Nimsoft community.