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Is it possible to reset changes in flows?

  • 1.  Is it possible to reset changes in flows?

    Posted Dec 04, 2014 05:47 AM

    Hi all,


    we are doing changes in Flows on Component Level. When saving a Flow there is a popup that says "Saving this flow would reset the values overidden in following processes. Do you want to proceed saving the flow?"

    When I look in the process afterwards I can't see any changes.


    First idea was the reset functionality avaiabile in Actions. In actions used in processes it is possible to reset manual changes by using the green arrow. Is there a similar functionality for flows?

    There is the button next to the Loop Type dropdown that looks like a refresh button and is described "Click to discard all changes and reload the current action" but that one seems to just reset changes made in the flow without having the save button pressed.


    One solution would be to replace the item with itself but since there are some actions executed on other servertypes this means a lot of work to recreate the process like before.

    So now we're looking for the most simple way to make the changes happen in the process. Any ideas how to do it or why the change on component level does not take effect in the process?


    Thanks & kind regards,