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  • 1.  Transaction Incurred By

    Posted Apr 17, 2019 09:48 AM

    If a financial transaction record, there is a field called "Incurred By."  If creating transactions from Clarity PPM timesheets, how is this field filled in?


    This field is blank for all of our transactions.  I would like to populate the field with Task Owner (a custom attribute we add to the Task Object, with a Resource lookup).  Secondarily, when reporting on transactions, we want to display the Department of the Task Owner/Incurred By resource.  Ideally, this information (Task Owner/Incurred By and related Department) would be part of the transaction, permanently recorded.


    Basically, we have global projects where people around the world can order work packages (tasks) - the department ordering the work package (which can be different than the department assigned to the project) pays for the work.


    I also see that there are a couple Transaction User Value fields.  Maybe we can use these?


    Trying to use Out of the Box fields for this, such that data flows to out of the box reports, DWH, portlets, etc.  Where do I put this data so that it shows up in the Incurred by and/or User Value fields?  Or, do I need to create a procedure that runs after posting transactions, that will copy my Task Owner and Task Owner Department into these transaction fields?


    We did think about recreating the Department list in the Charge Code list - really don't want to do this.  Having the same data, unlinked, in two different locations is a recipe for errors.  Assigning  a department to a task?  Maybe.  We already have the Task Owner, would prefer not to add another field that has to be populated.  But if populated with a script/process, this might be OK.  Still, the problem is 'how to get this data into the transaction record?'





  • 2.  Re: Transaction Incurred By

    Posted Apr 17, 2019 01:29 PM

    If the definition is
    The resource who incurs the voucher amount. This refers to PAC_MNT_RESOURCES.RESOURCE_CODE.

    I do not think it will be populated if the transaction is created from a timesheet, but only if it is created from a a voucher.