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  • 1.  Link idea attributes to project attributes

    Posted Mar 29, 2019 02:56 PM

    Our team started working on ideation development and would like to carry over populated fields in idea to the project. I am not sure if carrying over populated fields is possible as idea object does not have the attributes which we would like to use, those attributes are only available in project object. 

    I am wondering, how can i link idea object attributes to project object attributes, is it even possible ? Worst case scenario i will add those project attributes in idea object to meet our business needs. 


    Thank you for help in advance. 

    -Ahsan Kalyar  

  • 2.  Re: Link idea attributes to project attributes

    Posted Mar 29, 2019 04:34 PM

    How are you converting the idea to a project?


    If you create the new attributes on the idea with the same ID as the project then they will automatically convert over to the Project with OOTB functionality.  If the fields are not being used on the project yet, you could create them on the investment object and then they will automatically copy over to the converted project as well.  

  • 3.  Re: Link idea attributes to project attributes

    Posted Mar 29, 2019 07:15 PM

    Garrett-S When an idea is entered into PPM (similar to a project create view), in idea edit view you can convert an idea to a project. Development of ideation was done by my predecessor, i am working on admin side of the tool. Make sure that yourself/users have Idea - Approve - All permission to see the convert button at the bottom of idea edit view. 


    We have two partitions, System and my organization's partition, newly created attributes in one partition needs to be developed in other partition as well, i have raised this ticket with CA/Broadcom and i was informed that CA/Broadcom has stopped working on this side of PPM. My follow up question is, how can i create virtual attribute in idea and link it to my organizations partition, you mentioned OOTB so i am curious if it will be the same for user defined partition? I will have to create those attributes twice so making sure that i am following the correct method. 



    Thank you for your help. 



  • 4.  Re: Link idea attributes to project attributes

    Posted Apr 05, 2019 12:38 PM

    I haven't worked with partitions a whole lot so I'm not sure how you would solve this problem.