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Multi-Selected Filter Configure

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  • 1.  Multi-Selected Filter Configure

    Posted 05-30-2018 01:10 AM
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    Hello All


    I have created the Gridline portlet by using Query. 

    I would like to multi-select one of the fields in my filter section but  it does not show me any multi-select filter radio option when I select Configure- Filter list section.

    Please see attached the snapshot of my filter view in my Portlet.

    Do you know how I can add multi-select filter for my fields?






  • 2.  Re: Multi-Selected Filter Configure
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    Posted 05-30-2018 04:15 AM

    Hi - this is because I suspect (from its "param_" name) that your filter field is a "parameter" type (i.e. one you have created using the @WHERE:PARAM:USER_DEF:.... syntax) rather than a "returned field" in the NSQL that you have put into the filter section.


    There are some complicated reasons why this doesn't work though (preview the NSQL and see how the different type of fields (returned field and parameter fields) is converted to SQL to get an idea). There were some old discussions about all this that I recall having on here, I'll see if I can find them and add a link...




    EDIT : Ok heres a few links, the first one is the most detailed I think...

    Multi-select on an NSQL Parameter? 

    Multi-Select Parameters in NSQL 

    Multi Select Filters on Portlet 

    Multiselect Parameter Filter 

  • 3.  Re: Multi-Selected Filter Configure

    Posted 05-30-2018 07:55 PM

    Thanks Dave