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  • 1.  Project won't open in MSP

    Posted Jun 12, 2018 01:31 PM

    Any known issues to avoid when opening a project from CA PPM 15.x into MSP 2016 using XML interface?


    I have one project that just hangs in "opening XML file" state and I'm not finding a differentiating factor, yet, from other files that open just fine.


    We do use the 'effort' (~rmw) task a lot, with many resources assigned - perhaps there is a limit on number of resources per task that cause MSP to hang when opening the XML file?  Just guessing, at this point, as this one doesn't have an excessive amount of actuals/etc.

  • 2.  Re: Project won't open in MSP

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted Jun 12, 2018 05:16 PM

    Hi Dale,

    Just tying in my update in the older discussion to this post: MSP XML Interface - Limit on number of Assignments? 


    There's no known limit on the amount of resources that can be assigned per task aside from if it does make the XML extremely large where it won't allow the project to open, but generally most projects won't run into that issue. MSP has also put in a fix in one of the more recent updates to alleviate that issue even more. Below are some of the known issues that can prevent projects from opening that I mentioned in the related post, but #4 below is one that I failed to include before that is possible you could be hitting:


    1. Do any of the projects have baselines? If yes, if you create a new baseline in PPM, does that allow the project to open? If yes, then this points to the following defect: MSP New Driver: Project hangs when opening at "wri - CA Knowledge

    2. Another reason I've seen projects hang on opening in the new driver is if there are any enterprise fields associated with the project: MSP New Driver: Projects do not open if there are - CA Knowledge 

    3. Here's one other one, but this one usually generates an error when the project is attempted to be opened: In the MSP New Driver, Incorrect Rate Dates Preven - CA Knowledge 

    4. For calendar issues, make sure all calendar names are less than 50 characters, if not this will prevent the projects from opening: In the MSP New Driver, Unable to open a project in - CA Knowledge 

    5. This issue is usually found around task notes: MSP Error: 'We're sorry. There seems to be a probl - CA Knowledge