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CA PPM 15.3 New UX Timesheets Might Be Auto-Returned?

  • 1.  CA PPM 15.3 New UX Timesheets Might Be Auto-Returned?

    Posted Mar 29, 2018 02:41 PM

    Since we upgraded to 15.3 and exposed the New UX Timesheets to our user community, we've had several reported instances of users' timesheets being "automatically returned" to them.  We do not have any sort of auto-approval or auto-rejection Process activated, so that's not the cause.


    When investigating several occurrences, the objective evidence points to users mistakenly clicking the “Return” button after submitting (i.e., the Last Modified By Name is their own name) because the intent of the button is misleading -- it really does look like a navigation button.  During testing in our DEV environment, even I clicked it thinking it would return me to a previous window.


    Another possibility is that the Return button is placed in the exact same spot on the screen where the Submit button was before it was clicked.  If users are double-clicking on Submit, and the response time is fast enough, the second click in the double-click might be applied to the newly-placed Return button, thus putting the timesheet back in a Returned state.


    So I'm leaning on user error.  Has anyone else experienced this?  If so, it is random, or predictable?  Were you able to identify a root cause other than user error?


    I'd appreciate any feedback.  Thanks!


    Alan Brobst