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  • 1.  parameter not passed to html portlet

    Posted Mar 29, 2018 07:28 PM


    We have jasper report generated from a action link on status report. And it is working fine from home-->projects-->status reports.

    Parameter for the report is status report id.

    But from project dashboard  -->click on project name --> opens a project as a pop up. From here access status report page and click any status report and then click the action link. The status report id is not passing from here.(As  i am handling a null case it is listing all the status reports but it should list only one status report).


    Any suggestions how to fix this so that It can work from both the places.

  • 2.  Re: parameter not passed to html portlet

    Posted Apr 10, 2018 10:41 PM

    The quick suggestion would be to access the portlets you are using, and modify them so they don't open as a pop-up.  Project will open up as a 'full-screen' where your action items should continue to work in the same way as if you access the Project from the Project List.


    If this is not OK, then we use 'Dynamic Generated Value on a Clarity Object' to run JasperSoft reports passing the ProjectID as parameters to JasperSoft.  This approach works in 'Pop-ups' in our V15.3 environment.


    You may have to explain what your definition of an Action Link is, as I also tried Action Item 'Add to My Projects' which worked when the Project was open as a 'Pop-Up'.

  • 3.  RE: Re: parameter not passed to html portlet

    Posted Oct 24, 2019 09:05 AM


    I have a similar issue.

    I have a HTML portlet for a power bi embebed. This HTML portlet is locate in a tab of project view. I take the project_id from the URL and it work fine accessing from regular view of project properties.

    We also have some projects portlets with links to projects properties and open as pop up. When we access through this links and navigate to the HTML portlet, it does not show the information because it cannot find the project_id in the URL.

    Any suggestions

    Thanks and regards