Jaspersoft Ad Hoc Report Issue - Programs

  • 1.  Jaspersoft Ad Hoc Report Issue - Programs

    Posted 02-26-2018 09:48 AM

    We created an Ad Hoc table report in Jaspersoft for a Program Status Report.  The report lists Project Name, Project ID and a number of status fields grouped by Program ID.   We are using the Project Management Domain.

    In 14.4 and prior, this report did exactly what we wanted it to do (similar to the program dashboard).  It would list any project and/or program that was included in the program.  Since we upgraded to 15.3 the report is now listing all projects included in the program as well as projects in programs in the program in question (we have programs in programs).  The causes problems because it now could shows duplicate projects. This is currently being investigated by CA as a defect.


    I am looking for any suggestions on how to rewrite this Ad Hoc report to get the report to behave as it did previously.