• 1.  Unable to generate Project Dashboard Link

    Posted 01-03-2018 09:21 PM



    I'm  are trying to generate an link to use from portlets to the Project's Dashboard tab, but am unable to get the Dashboard link available in the list of links present in the system. We have tagged the 'Linkable' option but to no effect.


    Steps to Reproduce:
    1. Login to CA PPM 15.3
    2. Navigate to Administration --> Studio --> Portlet Pages
    3. Search for 'Project Default Layout' in the Page Name. Click on the name to navigate into the page.
    4. Click on 'Tabs' --> Click 'Dashboard' which has an id 'projmgr.projectDashboard'
    5. The Tab Name, Content Source, Description, Personalizable, Linkable options will be present.
    6. Tick the Linkable option and save the changes.
    7. Now navigate to any project based portlet QUERY and create a link by clicking on the 'New' button present under the 'Linking' tab.


    Expected Outcome:
    The Project Dashboard which we marked linkage should be available for selection in the dropdown list.

    Actual Outcome:
    The Project Dashboard link is not available.



    Has anyone else faced a similar issue with the Project Dashboard tab, any tips on how to get this resolved would be great.



  • 2.  Re: Unable to generate Project Dashboard Link

    Posted 01-04-2018 01:01 AM

    Haven't personally undertaken what you have tried, but a 'work around' is:

    Set the Dashboard to be the default tab on Project Default Layout (or the project layout you are using)

    Use the existing link Project Default as required. 

  • 3.  Re: Unable to generate Project Dashboard Link
    Best Answer

    Posted 01-04-2018 03:31 PM

    Its actually not called "Project Dashboard" in the links drop-down. It is instead called "Project Overview".

  • 4.  Re: Unable to generate Project Dashboard Link

    Posted 01-05-2018 12:11 AM

    Thanks Jeevan. The Project Overview link does the trick for me.