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Jaspersoft Folder Maintenance and Publishing to existing Reports

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  • 1.  Jaspersoft Folder Maintenance and Publishing to existing Reports

    Posted Nov 02, 2017 01:50 PM

    Hello All, I am curious to know how other organizations are managing their custom reports/folders, etc...


    I am finding it quite challenging to maintain my custom reports, with updated versions, schedules on those reports, etc...


    For example: I have some custom reports in a folder called "PM". 

    lets say i want to update a specific report within that folder, lets call it PM Status

    folder structure would be something like...



       PM Status


    The jrxml file I called PMStatus.jrxml and the "Resource ID "  that I named it when I published it to Clarity was also called PMStatus.



    Note, it just so happens that I have a 2 at the end because I have updated this report... ( I ended up just re-creating a new report that had some updated information in the, my jrxml file also got updated so I would know which is which...  )

    Now, lets say I want to publish my updated report to Clarity. The resource ID doesn't change, and I honestly don't want it to, because then I would have to set up a brand new report file and add in the parameters, and if its got a schedule... I would have to reschedule this report as well... as you all know, if you have a lot of parameters or a schedule, its a pain to have to recreate each time there is a report update to the same report... hence the publish option that we want/use. I also want the file to remain PM_Status when exporting to excel... i don't want to have to change this every time either. 


     note: i would rather just have this as PM_Status no matter the version of the report, make sense? 


    So my basic question is about how are people getting around the versioning? Lets also say i want to "archive" this first version of the you know, you cant put the same name report in a same folder, I would then have to edit each name to add them to a archiving folder...




    Ideas and suggestions... please?


    Thanks for any ideas or suggestions that might come my way!!




  • 2.  Re: Jaspersoft Folder Maintenance and Publishing to existing Reports
    Best Answer

    Posted Nov 04, 2017 01:04 PM

    Hello Keri,

    In jaspersoft workspace(project explorer) the file.jasper Can be created .Not at Jaspersoft server(CA ppm connection).when the file.jasper gets compiled ,creates the file.jrxml file.Means when u publish file.jasper from project explorer to actual Jasper server it creates the file.jrxml file.


    So at the Jasper server i.e actual CA ppm server should have jrxml file only.when u make changes and click on publish ,please select the report name ,it will not allow you to override the internal I'd of the you are overriding the report when publishing.Which does not create new one and no need to reschedule/set up parameters.