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  • 1.  CABI with Clarity 15.1

    Posted Feb 15, 2017 10:08 PM

    Has anybody got CABI working with Clarity version 15.1 (or 14.4),  though it is not supported?

  • 2.  Re: CABI with Clarity 15.1
    Best Answer

    Posted Feb 16, 2017 03:49 AM

    You cannot connect it directly to CA PPM (CSA configuration site), but you can connect your BO SAP (for which you need to get a cannot use the one provided with CABI) to your not CA PPM DWH or CA PPM database OnPremise


    For SaaS: You will need to create an interface for your ETL process so  data gets exported from CA PPM transnational data to your own DataWarehouse.

    For OnPremise: You can either create a interface for your ETL process as in SaaS... or... get connected to CA PPM transnational data base directly, BUT (there is always a BUT...):



    - User will not be able to run report anymore from CA PPM, they will have to run it from infoview.

    - OOTB report will not be supported anymore when running from BO.


    My strongly personal advise it to migrate to Jasper, it will save time and money and headaches in long-term.