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  • 1.  Action items ERROR calendar.06038

    Posted Aug 04, 2017 03:01 AM

    Hi All,
    Here's the situation . In the middle of a workflow process on the custom object, there is an action item being sent to a bunch of users. The action item has 2 options - approve/reject.

    Let say any process creating 5 approvers for any object/sub-object instance to approve. Here 5 different action items will be send to each approvers.  

    Example - 1st approver receives below link with action item id 6194001


    similarly other approver will receive link with action item ids 6194002,6194003,6194004,6194005

    In Clarity v13.3 ( 06 8) all these approvers are able to access own as well as other approvers action items through above link just changing action item id only (odf_pk=6194001/2/3/4/5), but in v15.2 ( they can't. Each approver can see only own action item if trying to access others will get ‘ERRORcalendar.06038’

    Is there any changes done in this action item part on Clarity 15.2 ?

    Please suggest




  • 2.  Re: Action items ERROR calendar.06038
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    Posted Aug 04, 2017 11:56 AM

    Hi Atul, 


    The behavior which you are observing is working as designed, each user should be able to access those functional areas of CA PPM to which they have respective access to, further, a particular user will not be able to view and navigate based on another's action item link, or if the URL is copy pasted on the browser.


    Refer to the following knowledge base document, which should address your query:

    A restricted user can access and view Action Item details 


    From CA PPM 14.2, restrictions / checks are put in place so that the current user is the designated owner of a respective action item and thus would be able to view it.

    For other user, an error would be displayed


    Hope this addresses your query.