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  • 1.  Duplicate entries on Team Tab

    Posted Apr 03, 2017 09:59 AM


    In version, I am seeing in one of my project many duplicate entries of resources have got created in team tab for same start/Finish date. As far as I can remember, I had added resources via "Add" and "Add/Update by OBS" options. Also, I understand that resources can not be added multiple times in team tab.

    Could you please suggest if there could be any other way through which they got added accidently or by admin.




  • 2.  Re: Duplicate entries on Team Tab

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted Apr 03, 2017 11:28 AM

    Hi Devendra,


    We do have few issues that could have caused this. It is usually not a true duplicate in the database for team records, but duplicate on other items that makes the display show this way.


    Try running Update Cost Totals job and see if that helps.

    Try creating a new current Baseline and see if it works.


    If nothing does, raise a case with us at CA Support and we will determine the exact root cause of the display duplicate issues.


    Thanks -Nika

  • 3.  Re: Duplicate entries on Team Tab

    Posted Apr 10, 2017 02:32 AM

    Hi Devendra,


    We had the similar issue. It was due to the erroneous baseline entry.So the solution is to delete the erroneous baseline entry.After fixing the erroneous baseline entry, Team tab should have an appropriate number of resources. 


    Please let me know if it resolves the issue.