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  • 1.  OWB - Invalid Value - not in enumerated list

    Posted Mar 06, 2018 03:07 AM

    Hi All,


    While trying to open a project in OWB facing the Error : Invalid Value - not in enumerated list. 


    And for saving some project in OWB facing an Error :Error writing to server. 


    Any idea why both the issue is causing. 




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  • 3.  Re: OWB - Invalid Value - not in enumerated list
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    Posted Mar 06, 2018 05:36 AM



    Hope this issue persist only in one project. Please check the community link what Urmas shared. Hope it helps.


    For the 2nd issue, is it happen all the time, when the user saves the project in OWB or a specific time (peak time)? Could you please let us know, such projects have any subprojects in it? How many tasks & assignments each project have in total?


    Could you please open such project in OWB without making any change, click Save and check how much time it is taking? If it is taking more time, then some issue with the OWB connection to the server. If not, you need to check is it because of the load on the DB?



    Best Regards,