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REVMGR-20931 Error while attempting to Approve a Budget Plan

  • 1.  REVMGR-20931 Error while attempting to Approve a Budget Plan

    Posted Feb 01, 2017 03:46 PM

    In a number of projects, we are unable to approve any new budget plans and are prompted with the RVGMGR-20931 error (according to logs) while attempting to do so. The new budget plans uses the same periods, period type and grouping attributes as the current "Approve" plan.


    Any ideas on what else could ne causing this?


    Also notice that on the current approved Budget Plans (see attached image) although the list page shows the Start and Finish period, on the edit (properties) page these two values are blank. Can see the values in the DB so seems like just a UI glitch.



  • 2.  Re: REVMGR-20931 Error while attempting to Approve a Budget Plan

    Posted Feb 02, 2017 12:08 AM

    Check this:


    REVMGR-20931: Invalid period(s) when trying to submit a cost plan of record for approval

    Document ID:  TEC552123
    Last Modified Date:  08/17/2015
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    We are receiving an error message when attempting to submit a Cost Plan as a new Budget Plan.

    Steps to Reproduce:

    1. Home, Projects, Financial Plans: Cost Plans, Create a Monthly cost plan
    2. Mark it as a 'Plan of Record'
    3. Click 'Submit Plan for Budget Approval' Action Link
    4. Fill in all required fields, click 'Submit for Approval' button

    Expected Result: A new budget plan is created and ready for review
    Actual Result: Red Error message appears - 'REVMGR-20931: Invalid period(s)'  



    This error occurs if a period mismatch exists (i.e. if an annual budget exists, then the current submitted POR must be of annual periods also).

    In this case, an Approved Budget already exists with a structure that uses 'Annual' Fiscal Periods. When the end-user submitted the Cost Plan for approval as the new budget, the new 'Start Period' and 'End Period' values were 'Monthly' periods instead of 'Annual' periods.

    When there are existing Budget plans, the 'structure' or properties of the Budget Plan are locked and cannot be changed. All new cost plans being submitted for approval as a new Budget Plan must have the same structure which includes the 'Group By', 'Sub-Group By', and Fiscal Period type (Annual, Monthly, etc.)

    To resolve this issue, create a new Cost Plan (POR) with the same structure as the Budget Plan of Record (POR), and then submit it for approval.

    NOTE: After clicking the 'Submit Plan of Record for Approval' Action Menu Link, if the page does not have the required attributes displayed, this error could appear when clicking the 'Submit for Approval' button.  If the 'Submit for Approval' page is blank, or it is missing the required attributes, the submission cannot process the request without the Start Period and End Period values.  Go to Studio to review the Cost Plan Layout:Edit views.