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  • 1.  Partition Vs OBS

    Posted Jan 19, 2017 03:17 AM


    I want to get clarificaiton on Partition and OBS unit. What is the actual use of partition? What could be the ideal case to go with new partition model? How does it differ from OBS?

    Any insight into this query could be of great help!


    Thanks in advance.




  • 2.  Re: Partition Vs OBS

    Posted Jan 19, 2017 03:39 AM

    An OBS is a way of categorising data only - application functionality / presentation is the same.

    A partition is a way of presenting data and the application GUI / functionality differently to different sets of users.

  • 3.  Re: Partition Vs OBS

    Posted Jan 19, 2017 05:44 AM

    Thank you for your reply David Morton. These both are little bit confusing to me. Can you please provide me an ideal case when we need new partition model? That would make it much better I guess!


    Thanks in advance

  • 4.  Re: Partition Vs OBS
    Best Answer

    Posted Jan 19, 2017 06:05 AM

    Simple case ; perhaps a different area of a organisation has different requirements about what they wish to see / control against an object (eg PROJECT). You could have different partitions with different custom attributes in the different partitions.


    It can get very complicated though, in my view you would really have to have a compelling reason to introduce a partition model (whereas OBS structure is normal functionality)

  • 5.  Re: Partition Vs OBS

    Posted Jan 19, 2017 06:53 AM

    Use OBS just to secure it or classifications.


    Use partitions when you have different set of resources with different needs (different object list view, object properties, object fields, different processes triggering for each partition on same object under same conditions, etc.)


    Partition is like having 2 CA PPM with shared resources (portlets, process, attributes, some studio configuration. shared governance polices, etc.).

  • 6.  Re: Partition Vs OBS

    Posted Jan 20, 2017 12:44 AM

    We have 10 active partitions and as Dave points out, it can be very complicated.  Our reason for having multiple partitions was as Aurora pointed out, it like have 10 different implementations sharing some common resource but having other resources that are specific to a given partition.  The organization using PPM is quite large and where some uses of PPM are common across different groups other groups use PPM for completely different reasons (80+ custom objects).




  • 7.  Re: Partition Vs OBS

    Posted May 10, 2018 12:28 PM

    Hi gcubed,
    since you have experience - may I ask you what roughly the efforts are for creating a new partition (we would use the new partition for having different custom attributes, views and subpages)? Order of magnitude in your experience would be enough...

    To what extent do I need to test the existing partitions - do I have to expect side effects (e.g. JasperReports, NSQL portlets,...)?


    BR David