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Inactivity Timer - not resetting?

  • 1.  Inactivity Timer - not resetting?

    Posted 04-21-2017 04:35 PM

    On 14.2, on-premise.  Using LDAP.  Not using SSO.  We are in load balanced environment.


    • Have inactivity timer set at 90 minutes.
    • Have received comments that we should extend timer to more than 15 minutes (user perception that timer is set to much shorter duration)
    • Have had personal experience where I left machine, came back from lunch, started working in CA PPM, and within 10 minutes got logged out.
    • Also, some have reported that while mobile (moving around building(s) on wireless), that they've been logged out while working in CA PPM
    • So, it can appear that timer is set for shorter period, but from personal experience, seems that inactivity timer continues to run despite user returning to app.


    Anyone else with this experience?  Anyone with suggestions? 



  • 2.  Re: Inactivity Timer - not resetting?

    Posted 04-24-2017 12:13 PM

    Dale, I'd also check the browser settings for cookie retention. 

  • 3.  Re: Inactivity Timer - not resetting?

    Posted 04-21-2017 06:37 PM

    Hi Dale.

       I'm assuming the PPM inactivity is set at 90? What's the Load Balancer's inactivity set at? Are Sticky Sessions enabled? We've had similar conversation too - but in the end it's not PPM that was causing grief, it was the load balancer/proxy causing grief.


    Any experience? Yes. Suggestions? Nothing you want to hear but I'll answer your question: we removed load balancing 8 years ago and went to a federated architecture and lived happily ever after since. Work with your infrastructure group to better isolate what is causing the problems.

  • 4.  Re: Inactivity Timer - not resetting?

    Posted 04-24-2017 01:30 PM

    Only finding cookie ‘block/allow’ settings in IE11 – nothing to do with retention.  But, I am seeing some discussions on web regarding security apps deleting cookie sessions on periodic basis.

  • 5.  Re: Inactivity Timer - not resetting?

    Posted 04-24-2017 10:24 AM

    Load Balancer is set to +1 minute more than CA PPM, at 91 minutes, per CA recommendation.  Sticky sessions enabled.


    Our app engineer informed me to pay attention to Jaspersoft usage.  Now, I don’t think this applies to most users, as we’ve not rolled this out in 14.2, yet.  Will roll it out, a couple months before 15.2 upgrade, but won’t roll-out the ad-hoc portion, just let users run existing reports.


    For me, experimenting with ad-hoc, there might be something going on, where the CA PPM inactivity timer isn’t updated while working in Jaspersoft.  That’s the hypothesis.  Will try to replicate, but will be a gamble as I don’t know the underlying conditions yet that are causing early forced logouts.