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Calling Rally REST from Clarity GEL Script?

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  • 1.  Calling Rally REST from Clarity GEL Script?

    Posted 04-19-2016 03:00 PM

    Has anyone called Rally REST services from Clarity GEL Script?

    We need to send/receive additional information back and forth between Clarity and Rally and looking to get that done from GEL if that is possible

  • 2.  Re: Calling Rally REST from Clarity GEL Script?
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    Posted 04-22-2016 10:41 AM

    Not yet in any official capacity from your own GEL scripts.  Reference: Use RESTful APIs in Integrations via Process Manager (and/or GEL)


    For alternative offerings, you should probably raise the question with your account team who could inform you about what is possible or available.


    Also I think you should already be aware of the integrations and discussions happening about these two products through these references, but just including them for some completeness at this time: CA PPM | CA Agile Central Help and CA Agile Central Community | Ask and Engage with CA Agile Central (formerly Rally) Users