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  • 1.  ACWP Not Updated by XOG Import Transaction & Financial Jobs Run

    Posted Jun 08, 2016 06:09 PM

    Looking for some XOG expertise when trying to generate transaction entries. Running 14.3 On Premise and getting into another headache trying to activate financials within CA PPM.


    Trying to generate a transaction entry for each investment to bring ACWP up to match the Actual Cost displaying for the project under the Hierarchy tab since past time slices were not configured to include Actual Cost from the get go. Rate matrix, classes, time periods, etc. are all configured correctly from what we can tell. Doing these transactions manually through CA PPM appears to update the ACWP as expected, but the XOG version isn't behaving quite as well. Since we're looking at around 4k projects (yes, I know - it's a lot...), doing this manually is NOT an alternative.


    Attempted to run a XOG file generated based on the "imp_transactions_write.xml" format. XOG appears to execute without error, as we can see the transaction hit the system under the "Admin -> Invalid Transactions" list as "New" and it does disappear once we run the jobs.


    Ran the following jobs in this order:

    1. Post Transactions to Financials
    2. Post to WIP
    3. Import Financial Actuals
    4. Update Earned Value and Cost Totals


    After running the financial jobs, ACWP does NOT match the expected value. Also, pretty disappointed there isn't a way to backfill this type of information if financials weren't configured before the first timesheet being posted. If there's a way that I'm not aware, please share!


    Any guidance is appreciated.




  • 2.  Re: ACWP Not Updated by XOG Import Transaction & Financial Jobs Run

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted Jun 16, 2016 08:31 AM

    Are the XOG transactions being done as a true up and then you expect ACWP to be a total of previous ACWP and new transactions?


    Is ACWP updating at all?  Just trying to figure out if the transactions are actually processing though to the project or not.


    Does ACWP match the assignment actual costs?  If these do not match then perhaps there is an as-of date on the project.

  • 3.  Re: ACWP Not Updated by XOG Import Transaction & Financial Jobs Run

    Posted Jun 27, 2016 06:20 PM

    Our goal with the XOG transactions was to bring the existing ACWP value to balance with the total number of hours applied on the project times a blended rate set up in a new rate matrix. Our understanding is this:


    Actual Hours Applied x Blended Rate = ACWP


    For a project with 3 hours applied at a blended rate of $60, we expected:


    3 hours @ $60/hour = $180 for ACWP


    However, ACWP did NOT equal $180, and appears to vary on what values it carries across various projects (no pattern or multiple to go on.) After further digging, we were able to get the XOG for the transaction entries to balance through some trickery and math. Unfortunately, we've run into an issue where the ACWP does not "balance out" with the entries created (best guess is that time was applied prior to the rate matrix being created), leaving us with these steps to get a "true cost":


    1. XOG out the project information, including current ACWP
    2. Create a transaction entry for the ACWP * -1 to "zero out" the current value
    3. Create a second transaction entry with the Actual Hours * 60
    4. ACWP now equals the expected value.


    Unfortunately, this approach also causes the ACWP show on the Hierarchy tab of the project to "double up", I'm assuming because the transaction entry is now being pulled in at full value ($180, for example) and adding itself to the other source of ACWP from this Hierarchy page (also $180), making it appear as $360.