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  • 1.  MSSQL NSA - Login failed for user

    Posted Nov 27, 2015 05:06 AM

    Hi I have a weird behavior from newly copied Clarity environment.


    The environment consists of a restored VHD with Clarity 12.1.0 on. A Clarity 12.1.0 database which have been restored to both a MSSQL 2008 and 2012 for testing purposes.


    However when i try to connect Clarity though the NSA to the DB i get the following errors in nsa-niku log.


    [http-8090-4] niku.nsa ( Unable to persist configuration properties to database. Likely cause is database properties are not yet set or misconfigured.

    [http-8090-4] union.persistence ( Database not available (java.sql.SQLException: [CA Clarity][SQLServer JDBC Driver][SQLServer]Login failed for user 'niku'.)


    The DB user niku, is fully working, owns the scheme and has db_owner access. I can login in to the database with SQL Management so the user should work.


    Any ideas what can cause this behavior?

  • 2.  Re: MSSQL NSA - Login failed for user
    Best Answer

    Posted Nov 27, 2015 05:11 AM

    "Database not available" - just sounds like its not configured (correctly) in the NSA?

  • 3.  Re: MSSQL NSA - Login failed for user

    Posted Nov 27, 2015 05:38 AM

    I entered port 1433 in the config as this is the port our SQL server in running on. But for some reason Clarity will not connect when the port is set, I simply removed the port from the config, and now it connects.

  • 4.  Re: MSSQL NSA - Login failed for user

    Posted Nov 30, 2015 03:28 PM

    Did you also have an instance name specified?  If you did, then that would be why you shouldn't need the port (and vice versa, if the port is provided, then the instance name is not needed).