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    Posted Jul 24, 2015 01:58 PM

    We are on v13.3,  I cannot figure out how to get the Actual Cost in the Financial Performance section and the Planned Value, Actual Cost, CV, SV, CPI a,d SPI in the Earned Value Analysis by Phase section.


    I need this report to work by this Monday morning at 8a for a presentation for the CIO.  Any help would be great!



    Actual Cost.png

    Earned Value Analysis by Phase.png

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    Posted Jul 24, 2015 02:40 PM

    Hi Garret. There is some setup involved with getting Earned Value up and running in CA PPM: Earned Value Setup Quick Reference Guide.

    Here is an old thread of mine on our setup and how to get the EV heartbeat going.


    That said - be careful what you wish for. We ran a 6 month pilot using Earned Value in and found it technically solid. Our projects were too small (under 1000 hours) for the Earned Value data to be an asset.

    Law of Large Numbers

    Sample Size

    Gartner - Applying Earned Value Management to Small IT Projects


    If your Monday demo is to demonstrate that the tool can - you should be able to do that. Looking at the Test project above (under 300 hours, short phases in the future) you're going to get EV data that requires more explanation than it adds value.

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    Posted Jul 24, 2015 05:37 PM

    Hi Rob,


    Thanks for your response.  This was a huge help.  Most of our projects are on the larger size 9 months - 2 years.  This project just a demo, but thanks for pointing out that I needed to adjust my start finish dates to make it seem more realistic.


    After a discussion with my boss we are simply going to say state that we can get the EVM if they want it but don't have it setup and tested yet.