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Is it possible make Timesheet Entry screen column layout not-updatable?

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  • 1.  Is it possible make Timesheet Entry screen column layout not-updatable?

    Posted Oct 23, 2015 10:00 AM

    This is for version v14.2 of CA PPM, On Demand/SaaS.  The customer would like to stop time entry users from being able to personalize timesheet screen (ie. add charge code on screen for display and update). 

    I believe the answer is no, not through configuration or security settings.



    Alternatively , customer asked if it is possible to change the color of the hyperlink “Configure” to a color that matches the background.


    So Questions:

    #1 - Is there a way to configure the timesheet entry screen so that it doesn't allow user to "configure" and personalize the layout (mainly to stop them from being able to add and update the charge code and input type code while entering time)


    #2 - If not, I know customer can define UI theme, but can this actually be done to update hyperlink color for a specific URL on a specific page only?




  • 2.  Re: Is it possible make Timesheet Entry screen column layout not-updatable?
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    Posted Oct 23, 2015 11:02 AM

    Using one of the same techniques as from here: Remove Export to Excel and Power Point Icons


    A CSS selector can be constructed in the UI Theme to remove the link for everyone, however it would need to be checked that all the browser vendors/versions used will support this (and haven't had themselves downgraded through some sort of emulation/compatibility mode) as it is one of the newer features being supported.


    I also couldn't entirely get rid of the entry with this method (the [ and ] characters are still left behind):



    The UI theme addition to do this was:


    a[href*='timeadmin.configureTimesheet'] { display: none; }


    Incidentally, changing the colour to match the background.. you could try that instead of just suppressing the visibility of the link altogether.. but it's not great; users can still click it by accident, the [ and ] brackets will again still be there but this time still having the link between them which could even make it stand out as an odd curiosity.. so there ought to be a good and specific reason for that beyond only wanting 'in the know' people to be able to go and configure their timesheets (if a reason like that is behind the decision to do it that way).


    Regarding question #1, I don't believe there are any built in configuration settings to prevent or change this.