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Post Timesheet : Join splitted Timeentries

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  • 1.  Post Timesheet : Join splitted Timeentries

    Posted 10-27-2015 09:36 AM

    Hi guys,


    One of my clients has decided to create an interface to import timesheet hours.


    The design for now is a unitary import (more simple) :

    • Input file is a CSV
    • 1 line = 1 resource - 1 activity - 1 day
    • XOG Timesheet is used with action="add"
    • No consideration for update operations
    • The result is a timesheet with multiple splitted entries for the same assignment


    At first, we thought it was acceptable because the "Post Timesheet" would clean up the timesheet and purge useless entries.


    I was pretty sure that it would :

    • Join splitted entries if they were on the same charge code, input type code
    • Regroup days on the same assignment
    • Sum hours on the same day


    Ultimately, it seems that the job "only" deletes empty entries (with 0 or null hour on the whole week).


    Does anybody has already seen this feature work ?

    Or is it just me who's dreaming ?


    Do u think it could be an enhancement for future releases ?




  • 2.  Re: Post Timesheet : Join splitted Timeentries
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    Posted 10-27-2015 12:51 PM

    Post Timesheets job was never intended to make changes to the timesheet contents (aside from setting the timesheet record values for Status and 'prRMExported' for financials).


    The rows of the timesheet were not meant to be manipulated, but I think I recall an exception being made due to something like problems with adjustment timesheets on rows that were previously nulled/empty.


    I would think in your situation I'd just want to XOG the timesheet out, perform inserts/merges to the data based on the incoming .csv changes, then XOG in the result as a complete timesheet replacement.


    With respects to any enhancements, I would probably advise that they be a part of the XOG actions themselves (maybe an action="merge" or similar), and not wait until the timesheet posting to do it, given their respective places and purposes.

  • 3.  Re: Post Timesheet : Join splitted Timeentries

    Posted 10-28-2015 04:28 AM

    I don't know why I thought it would merge time entries. Maybe I read it somewhere in a post or something. Anyway...


    Yes, I agree with you : it's not the purpose of the job. But I think Clarity lacks an optimizing feature on the timesheet. The user has the ability to split time entries, but cannot reverse his actions. He has to copy-paste time and then only, delete the splitted time entries. A button merge or optimize would be appreciated, I think (as well as a merge feature in XOG).


    In the context of my client, I cannot XOG out / in all the timesheet because I don't have the completeness of the data in the input. That's why we decided to ignore updates. The thing I'm going to change is to merge all the input data and to XOG it only once. At the end, the timesheet will be more readable for the user.


    Thx for ur response.