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Input Type code at Resource Level

  • 1.  Input Type code at Resource Level

    Posted 01-23-2017 01:00 AM


    I want to have Input type code at resource level and resource can be allocated in a project in incremental level even when the resource is marked Non billable in Input type code. The user wants to have this at the team level when allocating the resource.

    Can you please help me with some workaround to accomplish it???


    Thank you.

  • 2.  Re: Input Type code at Resource Level

    Posted 01-23-2017 02:30 AM

    You can set an input type code for the resource.

    That should not make any difference what the input code is when you pick resources to project teams and allocate them.

    That is the default input code used in time entries and if not modified then in the further processing of the transactions.

  • 3.  Re: Input Type code at Resource Level

    Posted 01-23-2017 03:59 AM

    Thank you for the response Urmas. Can you please suggest how could I do it at project level, i.e. when allocating a resource in team tab, I have to select the input type. Is there a way to accomplish it?

  • 4.  Re: Input Type code at Resource Level

    Posted 01-23-2017 04:43 AM

    Why do you have to select the input code?

    Input type code is a resource property not a team nor a project property.

    When I add a resource to a project team or set the allocation I do not see the input type code because of that.

  • 5.  Re: Input Type code at Resource Level

    Posted 10-03-2018 05:36 AM

    urmas - When Input type code is set in the resource settings, timesheet shows by default the value set at the resource level. How can we manage the scenario where a user is billable in one project and non-billable in other projects (assuming input type code is not allowed to be editable in user timesheet)? Ideally, if the tool would have got a provision of setting input type code at a team level, that will give flexibility to the PM when building a project team.

  • 6.  Re: Input Type code at Resource Level

    Posted 10-03-2018 08:26 AM

    The way you can set the input code not-editable is to remove it from the timesheet. In the new UI timesheet configuration is not available only for the admin in the Classic UI administration for all users. In the Classic UI a user has configuration in timesheets so that the user can put the Input type code back if the admin has removed it.

    The tool has no supported way of doing what you are after as far as I know. I have not looked at the new teams in 15.5 see if they have team level Input type code.


    Unsupported because it can corrupt your system is to allow the PM to use the Classic timesheet and configure it for the user in question to include Input type code and the PM to set it different from the default.

    Another catch is that I did not check if that configuration displays the Input type code in the new UI as well. My guess it  is not as the admin configuration for timesheets should be for all.


    Using a process could do that. Timesheets can be XOGed so a gel script could create the xml file and write it in. That is complicated.